Jul 26, 2014

Montauk Movie Closes; Dishwasher Detergent Law on the Books

Take a look back at the top blog posts of 2012.

Montauk Movie Closes; Dishwasher Detergent Law on the Books

The Local Voices section is an important component of East Hampton Patch. We are most appreciative to have dozens of bloggers contributing to the site. Here are five blogs from the past year, and if you are inspired to join the ranks of our Local Voices, click here.

Shelter From the Storm!

Jamie Berger has been busy blogging for the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons all year. After Superstorm Sandy, she told us about how ARF is always prepared to shelter animals during a storm. They boarded six animals, free of charge. Her post is a good reminder for next time.

Just Say No to Phosphorous

Always keeping us thinking about our environment, Deborah Klughers wrote about a new law on the books last January. The “Dishwasher Detergent and Nutrient Runoff Law” was intended to reduce phosphorous runoff into our water bodies and improve water quality in New York.

Renaissance Eye Productions Films Successfully at Mulford Farms

Soozy G. Miller, another longtime blogger, usually lets us know all about filming in the Hamptons on behalf of East Hampton's Media Advisory Committee. In this post, she shared what it was like to be an extra on a Renaissance film.

Montauk Movie's Closing is End of an Era

Maureen Rutkowski's family owns the Montauk Movie theater, which closed permanently at the end of the 2012 season, news that brought great sadness to the hamlet. "With changes in the way movies are being distributed, it just doesn't make economic sense for the family to make the needed projector conversion," she explained.

Change "Bully" from an R to PG 13 Rating

Ian Grossman asked readers in March to sign a petition to change a documentary's rating so that middle school-aged kids can watch and learn from the film. He also took on the subject matter in another well-read post titled Bullying in October.

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