Jul 30, 2014

Republicans Ready to Celebrate Scallops, Candidates

An East Hampton delicacy is on the menu for the Republicans' March 6 dinner.

Republicans Ready to Celebrate Scallops, Candidates

Trustees, candidates and scallops are all on the menu . . . to be celebrated, that is.

Like many on the South Fork, the East Hampton Town Republican Committee is celebrating the resurgence of the bay scallop, and the committee is throwing a scallop dinner next week, while they also take the opportunity to recognize its the candidates on the ballot for the 2013 election season.

A benefit for the Republican trustees, it also marks the first committee fundraiser of the 2013 political season, according to Joseph Bloecker, a town trustee and one of the organizers.

The dinner is meant to celebrate the trustees' accomplishments in helping grow the bay scallops. "I've been a resident of the Town of East Hampton for 37 years — that's not 16 generations like some people can say — but in 37 years I've never seen anything like it," he said of the scallops that came in over the last season. "They are big, and beautiful and tasty. It was unbelievable," he said. "If we did anything at at to contribute to it, I'm glad."

Kurt Kappel, the committee chairman, said last week that the Republicans will officially announce its full slate at the scallop dinner, which is being held at the Highway Diner & Bar in Wainscott on March 6.

The Republicans have already made several decisions, including .

As for Bloecker, he screened with the Republicans for town assessor instead of trustee.

Seating for the dinner begins at 6 p.m. A cash bar will be open earlier and throughout the event.

Tickets are $50, which includes a buffet of bay scallops, salad, vegetables and a raw bar.

Tickets can be purchased from any East Hampton Town Trustee, including Bloecker at 631-988-5201, or from Kappel at 631-793-6173.

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