Jul 28, 2014
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Training Sunday for Emergency Workers Will Close Roads in Montauk

Emergency workers preparing so the are "ready for anything," chief says.

Training Sunday for Emergency Workers Will Close Roads in Montauk
A major drill is going to be held for firefighters and EMS personnel in Montauk on Sunday and organizers want residents to be aware of the activity and road closures.

The East Hampton Town Chiefs' Association, in conjunction with other Suffolk County resources, organized a Mass Casualty Incident drill and Old Montauk Highway will be closed between Montauk Highway and Lincoln Road between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. "The drill will be conducted as if it was a real emergency and will be closed to the public," Ben Miller, the president of the chiefs association and the chief of the Springs Fire Department, said.

Organizers are going to stage a bus and a few cars that were involved in an accident. Fire departments from throughout the Town of East Hampton have been invited to attend. Suffolk County aviation and the county's new Major Emergency Response Vehicle will also respond.

Emergency workers — most of whom are volunteers — will get a chance to prepare to work together in case of a true mass casualty situation. "It doesn't have to be a large accident to be considered an MCI," Miller said. "It could also pertain to an incident where there are multiple victims. For example, an incident at a school or any duty place where there may be a large gathering of people. It's not impossible that the recent incidents in Boston and Connecticut could also happen in our area. We just want to make sure we are ready for anything."

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