Jul 28, 2014
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Rose Fuger Reflects on Food Network Appearance

The "A Taste of Home" owner appeared on "Sweet Genius" on Thursday night.

Rose Fuger Reflects on Food Network Appearance

For East Meadow resident and "" owner Rose Fuger, seeing herself on television is unlike anything she's ever experienced.

"It’s kind of hard to watch yourself on television," Fuger, who a former president, joked.

Fuger on The Food Network's "Sweet Genius" on Thursday night. The segment that aired was filmed at A Taste of Home in January, although Fuger could not speak to anyone about the appearance because she signed a non-disclosure agreement with the network.

Sweet Genius," hosted by Ron Ben-Isreal, consists of four professional pastry chefs, who compete in three dessert challenges. At the end of the hour-long program, the winner is named a "sweet genius" and given a $10,000 cash prize. Fuger did not win in the end, but she said having the cameras in her business was a surreal experience.

"The cameras are right in your face every minute that you are baking," Fuger said. "You can’t get away from them. They follow you around."

She also hopes that the television appearance helps with her customer base.

"We’re hoping it brings in business," Fuger added. "It was a tough selection process, and I had to go on three interviews before we even got selected."

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