Jul 29, 2014

Woodland Student Named 2012 Sew to Serve Champion

Floody beat out the other home and career skills students who entered.

Woodland Student Named 2012 Sew to Serve Champion

Erin Floody, a seventh-grade student at was named the 2012 grand prize winner in the Long Island Family and Consumer Sciences “Sew to Serve” Challenge.

Home and career skills students from Long Island entered the contest, which emphasized the use of sewing skills they learned in class for service-learning projects. Through service-learning, students learn skills by actively participating in service experiences that meet community needs.

With the guidance of her home and career skills teacher, Susan Carlsen, Erin entered her sewing project into the competition, along with a written description and directions for completing the project. Her project was to sew and decorate a drawstring bag to hold books for pediatric patients who are hospitalized.

Erin also included a reflection about the service experience in which she expressed a deep personal understanding of the importance of community service and the desire to use her time and talents to serve again.

This article and photo was originally printed on the East Meadow School District website. For more on East Meadow schools, click here.

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