Jul 26, 2014
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Inwood Civic: Less Planes Passing Overhead

Association members satisfied with local air traffic; county garage concerns linger.

Inwood Civic: Less Planes Passing Overhead

Despite the longest runway at JFK International Airport facing Inwood, according to a member of the community's civic group, air traffic noise has not been an issue recently.

“We’re getting less noise because the planes have been fanned out," said Inwood Civic Association member Hezzie Cibere, who also sits on the board of the Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee, at the civic's Thursday meeting. "There are also more planes using those Rolls Royce engines, and they’re much quieter.”

This means other areas around Nassau have begun to experience an increase in air traffic patterns over their own communities, she said, and as a result, those residents have begun showing up at the TVASNAC monthly meetings.

“Next month, we have three people coming to speak,” Cibere said. “Thirteen villages have now joined." The next TVASNAC meeting is scheduled for March 28, she said.

The civic membership also expressed ongoing concern about the of Nassau County’s Public Works garage in Inwood.  The county, which states a $7-$8 million repair budget is needed to renovate the facility at 31 Alameda Avenue, is “surplusing” the property, according to the Department of Real Estate Planning and Development. This has left association members about public services if the garage is closed.

“It leaves our community exposed,” said member Pete Sobol. “No one wants the services moved out. Inwood is unique — we have gas tanks.”

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