Jul 26, 2014
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Lawrence Costco Seeks to Build Gas Station

Mega store needs approval from Town of Hempstead.

Lawrence Costco Seeks to Build Gas Station Lawrence Costco Seeks to Build Gas Station

is looking to add a gas station at its warehouse store on Rockaway Turnpike in Lawrence, which would be the first on Long Island for the members-only store.

The Town of Hempstead board expressed concerns about traffic and parking on the busy street, which has the final say on the needed permit for Costco’s plan.

If approved, Costco would convert 163 of the Lawrence store’s 822 parking spaces into a 22-pump gas station. The store seeks a permit to install three 30,000-gallon storage tanks at the southwest corner of Rockaway Turnpike and Nassau Expressway.

Only members of the store would be allowed use of the gas station, according to Costco’s attorney, Daniel Baker.

The plan would leave the store with 659 spots, less than the town requirement of 775 spots for a store of Costco’s size. John Harter, a traffic consultant for Costco, said during the store’s busiest month in July, 682 spaces are needed. Hempstead’s board of appeals may have to grant Costco a parking variance if the plan goes through.

Costco may be able to extend its lot to 915 spaces with undeveloped land it leases month to month from New York State. A contract for the land expired earlier this year.

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