Jul 26, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Stop the Sanitation Mafia

Woodmere resident says district workers need to be replaced.

Letter to the Editor: Stop the Sanitation Mafia

This letter was submitted to the editor by Annie Frenkel.

Thanks for this article (). While it appears that I am in good company, it does not help resolve the underlying issue, which is the undeniable theme of nepotism in the department of sanitation.

This incestuous business helps breed inept, arrogant, unappreciative, negligent, and in some cases, hostile workers. If these jobs were reassigned to the thousands of unemployed and starved men heading impoverished homes instead of these entitled degenerates, then there would be no problem.

I have had countless conversations with George Pappas to no avail. I am not smiling today nor will I be until this sanitation mafia is relieved of their duties and reassigned to those who want to do what they actually need to be doing: Pick up our garbage.

Annie Frenkel, M.D.
Eastwood Road, Woodmere

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