Jul 28, 2014
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For Sale: A Bunch of Broken Typewriters

Like to fix stuff? Or just like useless appliances? Boom.

For Sale: A Bunch of Broken Typewriters

This week's Craigslist find is a handfull of broken typewriters for sale in Forest Hills.

None of them are terribly attractive — and I say this as a writer who has a small collection of typewriters myself — but y'know, if you're into the whole restoration thing they might make an interesting project. 

The selection includes machines both of the manual and electric variety, so you've got some options.

There is a pretty solid-looking Remington portable in there that's got a couple of issues — it's clearly the pick of the litter — but it's gonna run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 bones unless you can talk the seller down.

Weirder things have happened. They're probably happening right now. 

Via craigslist

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