Jul 28, 2014

Obama Takes Flack from Turner on Netanyahu

Congressman takes President to task after White House says Obama won't meet with Israeli Prime Minister.

Obama Takes Flack from Turner on Netanyahu

With just a few months left in office, U.S. Rep. Bob Turner, R-Forest Hills, is using the little time he has left in office to take a few swipes at President Barack Obama.

Turner released a statement on Wednesday slamming the president for reportedly declining a visit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"If the President truly ‘has Israel’s back’ he would make it his first priority to meet with our friends," Turner said in a statement. "At a time when Iran is dangerously close to developing nuclear weapons and has threatened to destroy Israel, President Obama fails to embrace our staunchest ally in the area."

Turner, who visited Israel after his election to Congress last year, also faulted Obama for not visiting Israel since his inauguration.

"The President has not been to Israel since taking office and won’t even make time for Prime Minister Netanyahu when he is on our soil. His actions are concerning and show a true lack of leadership," Turner said. 

Turner's term of office ends in January, when New York's current Ninth District will be carved into oblivion by redistricting. He will be replaced in Forest Hills either by . Turner has thrown his support behind Halloran in the race.

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