Jul 29, 2014
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Bloomberg: 'Take Preparations Now' For Hurricane Sandy

High winds, tides and heavy rain expected; Transit officials warn system shutdown possible; DOB halts outside construction; Decision on school closures to be made Sunday.

Bloomberg: 'Take Preparations Now' For Hurricane Sandy Bloomberg: 'Take Preparations Now' For Hurricane Sandy

Mayor Michael Bloomberg brought city residents up-to-date about preparations being made as Hurricane Sandy continues its trek up the East Coast.

Here are the highlights of Bloomberg's 20-minute Friday afternoon press conference:

  • City coordinating with state Department of Health “to take measures to protect the lives of New Yorkers.”
  • Landfall is expected Monday. City is likely to feel effects in terms of high tides, high winds and heavy rains lasting for several days.
  • Possibility that certain areas of the city will be flooded. Some bridges may be closed due to high winds.
  • MTA will take necessary precautions including the suspension of service system wide if winds reach at or above 39 mph.
  • Long power outages are possible. City is working with Con Ed to prepare for storm.
  • “It’s our responsibility to be prepared and take preparations now.” -Bloomberg.
  • Additional capacity to nyc.gov and 311 to handle increase in activity.
  • While weather is still good, stock up on basic supplies and make a 'Go' bag that includes drinking water, first aid kit, flashlights, important documents, extra set of keys and medications.
  • Zone A represents low-lying areas of city likely to flood in a strong coastal storm event, including Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, the Rockaways, Red Hook, other low-lying stretches along East River and Battery Park City.
  • Not recommending evacuations of hospitals at this time. However, hospital administrators are being asked to discharge any patients that can be safely discharged and to cancel elective procedures.
  • If you have an elderly or homebound relative in Zone A, consider taking them in now.
  • No mandatory evacuation for Zone A. That could change as storm approaches.
  • High winds will begin Sunday. Because of winds, city Department of Buildings is ordering a halt to construction as of 5 p.m. today.
  • No decision yet if schools will be open Monday. Decision will likely be made Sunday. Saturday events, including tests, will go ahead as planned. Sunday’s will be postponed to Nov. 18.

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