Jul 29, 2014

Hakeem Jeffries and Others Remember Mandela

Local leaders share their thoughts.

Hakeem Jeffries and Others Remember Mandela
Post co-written with Rich Arleo.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela, a man who captured the world's attention for his stand against apartheid, died Thursday at 95.

Since the news broke an outpouring of sentiments have come from across the nation and will continue as Mandela is remembered. President Barack Obama, past presidents and politicians everywhere have shared their thoughts and memories of Mandela.

U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said that the world is profoundly changed because of Mandela.

"The world is a better place today because Nelson Mandela walked among us for 95 years. We should all learn from his tremendous life and legacy," Jeffries tweeted. 

Rep. Yvette Clarke called Mandela a world leader of the highest order. She was among the crowd of Brooklynites who met President Mandela upon his release from Robbin Island when he was celebrated and paraded on a visit to Brooklyn. 

"I remember the electricity in the air and the elation of my fellow Brooklynites," she said in a statement. "Who could forget the momentum and the power unleashed in saying the words 'Free Nelson Mandela!'. 

"He will remain forever an inspiration to those who believe in justice and equality and the promise of a better future for all of God’s children. Today, Madiba is truly Free. We all mourn in tribute to an Icon.”

Mayor elect Bill de Blasio released a statement and also spoke to his followers on Twitter.

"We live in a far better world today because of the life and work of Nelson Mandela," he tweeted. "At Yankee Stadium, Mandela told us, 'You the people, never abandoned us.' We came to believe in his fight for justice as if it were our own."

Have a memory or want to share how Mandela impacted your life? Share in the comments section below.

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