Jul 29, 2014

Have Something to Say? Share Your Announcement on Patch!

Make Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch your megaphone.

Have Something to Say? Share Your Announcement on Patch!

Attention local business owners, do-it-yourselfers, event planners and residents-at-large!

Did you know you can post announcements and events straight to Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch for free?

What kind of things might qualify, you ask? Just about everything:

Birth announcements? Yes!

Lost or found pups and kittens? Post away!

Block parties? You betcha!

Upcoming school fundraiser? Of course!

Need a roommate for your gorgeous Fort Greene or Clinton Hill abode? Step right up!

New art exhibit or music showcase? Absolutely!

Having a yard or stoop sale? Why didn't you say so sooner!

The point is, we are here to help. Think of Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch as your virtual community bulletin board. 

For personal and non-profit ventures,  click the announcements link here.

Business owners with for-profit events of interest,  head to the events link here.

Unsure of something? Need help posting? E-mail any questions to Editor Caitlin Nolan at caitlin.nolan@patch.com.

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