23 Aug 2014
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Partisan Poop?

Local pet store provides more proof that politics is a dirty business.

Partisan Poop? Partisan Poop?

One Fort Greene business is betting it can call the 2012 Presidential election using a tool probably unfamiliar to most national pollsters: the dog poop bag.

Who's Your Doggy?, a pet store on Adelphi Street in Fort Greene, last week began keeping track of the number of packages of poop bags featuring either a smiling President Barack Obama or former Gov. Mitt Romney.

"Whoever sells the most will lose the Presidential election," predicted the store's manager, Julia Rosenfeld, who said the "winner" would be announced the morning of Election Day.

A representative from Metro Paws, the Greenwich Village and Brooklyn Navy Yard-based supplier of the degradable bags, said it is giving every voter the chance to "rub your favorite Democrap or Repooplican's face" in, well, poop.

Marketed under the banner, "Smear Campaign," the bags are on sale for $8.99 for a box of 80 degradable containers or $2.99 a roll at Who's Your Doggy?.

As of Monday afternoon, Romney's red poop bags were outselling their blue Democratic counterparts 24-8, according to a tally written on a dry erase board behind the store's register.

"There's been a little bit confusion among some customers because they see that Romney is winning," Rosenfeld said of her mostly left-leaning clientele. "We have to explain that it's people voting for Romney to pick up poop with."

Rosenfeld said the store wants their poop bag contest to beat 7-Eleven's popular Presidential coffee cup poll in terms of accuracy. Currently, the convenient store chain has Obama ahead over Romney, 59 percent to 41 percent.

But first, the store is going to need to stock up on its supplies.

"We're running out of Romney," Rosenfeld said.

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