Jul 28, 2014
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Crime Blotter: Graffiti Found at Community Park

Graffiti was apparently spray painted on the side of a vehicle parked at the park during the overnight hours.

Crime Blotter: Graffiti Found at Community Park

The following arrest information was supplied by the Garden City police department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Feb. 21: Garden City detectives investigated a report of charges made against a resident’s credit card account in January. Upon their investigation, it was determined that a female 22-year-old from Westbury had taken the victim’s credit card number and placed it onto another card. The subject then used the forged card to make a purchase at Walgreens pharmacy. The detectives arrested the subject as she was leaving her probation officer’s office where she had an appointment on an unrelated charge. The subject was charged with identity theft and possession of a forged instrument.

Feb. 22: After conducting an investigation, Garden City detectives arrested a male 23-year-old from Bay Shore for the theft of a wallet from an office desk on Ring Road on Feb. 17. The subject was making a delivery for a transport company when he committed the offense.

Feb. 22: Officer Hennessy stopped a male 31-year-old from Hempstead who was driving in Parking Field 7S with an obstructed view to his front windshield. Upon an investigation, the driver was arrested for an outstanding Hempstead traffic warrant, aggravated unlicensed operation for 13 open license suspensions, obstructed view and uninsured operation.

Feb. 23: A license plate was removed from a vehicle parked on Meadow Street.

Feb. 23: Derogatory graffiti was found on the side of a Nassau County building on County Seat Drive.

Feb. 24: Officer Fracassa arrested a female 24-year-old from Freeport for leaving the scene of an accident with another vehicle driven by a Garden City resident on New Hyde Park Road. The subject was also charged with unlicensed operation. There were no injuries reported.

Feb. 25: Graffiti was spray painted on the side of a vehicle parked at Community Park during the overnight hours.

Feb. 26: At 11:36 p.m., Officers Hennessy and Matos responded to a report of a vehicle stopped in a southbound direction in a northbound lane on Clinton Rd. at Old Country Rd. As the officers arrived at the scene, they observed the vehicle stopped in the wrong direction with the engine running. They observed a male in the driver’s seat and a male in the front passenger seat. The driver was attempting to exit his vehicle but was unable to disengage his seatbelt. Upon further investigation, the driver, a male 26-year-old from Freeport, was arrested for driving while impaired by drugs, aggravated unlicensed operation for having 34 open DMV license suspensions and impeding traffic. The passenger, a male 25-year-old from Freeport, was arrested for felony possession of multiple bags of marijuana.

Feb. 27: Officer Dallolio responded to Hilton Ave. and Tenth St. for a report of a vehicle striking a tree. The driver of the auto, a female 29-year-old from Bellmore, suffered facial lacerations and was transported to Winthrop-University Hospital for treatment. She was also arrested for DWI.

Feb. 27: A parked vehicle on the Adelphi University campus was stuck and damaged by another vehicle that had left the scene prior to the arrival of police and public safety officers.

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