Jul 28, 2014
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History Mystery Homes

Third in the series of archival photos that need identification.

History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes History Mystery Homes
History Mystery House " Hoest 04" has been solved by two great detectives: Jane Gilman and Bill Bellmer.

Gilman recognized the old photo since the home on the way right of the photo was the house at 117 Wellington Road where she grew up. She lent a circa 1930 photo of her home and a thin book entitled Garden City Estates-1911, published by the Garden City Estates for the author to photograph and return. The information will be placed in the archives.

"I am able to place hoest 04 at 104 Euston Rd. at the northwest corner of Stewart  and Euston. It was originally owned by 'Stevenson' ... It shows up in a Power Point slide of Tarbell's house that we used in the GC Estates history presentation," said Bellmer, an avid history buff. "Stewart Avenue was re-numbered in 1936. For instance, Tarbell's house on Stewart went from number 111 to 223-227."

Across Euston Road from Hoest 04 was Gage Tarbell's mansion that occupied the
full block from Stewart Avenue to Stratford, and from Nassau Boulevard to Euston
Road. This area is now occupied by the Unitarian Universalist Church, along with
many other properties. Tarbell was a major historical figure in Garden City in the
early 1900s.

According to the Garden City Phone Directory of 1932-33, the home at 104 Euston Road was then occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Riehle. Eventually, it was demolished in 1963, according to Bellmer. The property was divided into a number of sections, including 100 and 106 Euston Road, which presently occupy the site.

"Hoest 05" is still a History Mystery house. Do you know where this home is?

"Hoest 06" is a new one for residents to help solve this week. Readers should
keep in mind that most homes were built after 1925 in this village so the old mystery photos are the ones that will most likely appear in the Central or Estates sections of town.

Thanks to former Garden City resident Dorothea Shipp Moody who recently contributed a map from 1960 showing sidewalk plowing routes and a group photo from Stratford School from the same year.

If anyone has any old books, photos or papers relating to anything in Garden City, contact Suzie Alvey at 516-326-1720 or email her at suziealvey@gmail.com. She can scan or photograph the items, while you keep the original, or you can donate it. This will be extremely helpful to the archives at the Garden City Public Library and the Garden City Historical Society.

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