Jul 28, 2014

Letter to the Editor: A Clear Choice for Village Trustee, by Francine Ryan

Letter to the Editor: A Clear Choice for Village Trustee, by Francine Ryan
You have a clear choice when you vote for Village Trustee from the East next Tuesday, January 29th.  Here’s my vision for The Garden City we all want: it relies on its citizens to solve problems, not expensive outside consultants, and remains a village that sets the standard as a leader in innovative, forward-thinking solutions reached by the courteous and open exchange of ideas.  

That’s what I’ve heard from residents of the East during my trustee campaign walks.  It’s what I want and why I need you to vote for me.
Here’re some ideas worth exploring to help save money, increase revenue and productivity for a better Garden City:  
1.  Clinton Road, Central and Edgemere Firehouses open 24/7 with the optimal mix of paid and volunteer firefighters. 
* If we’re willing to discuss a 2013 budget of $22.5 million for Garden City police and $9 million for Garden City Parks and Recreation, isn’t spending $6.9 million on the Garden City Fire Department just as important?  
* Example: Garden City can apply for a “Safer Grant” (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response Grant) from FEMA.  Port Washington just received a $500,000 Safer Grant for their fire department.
2.  Communication in good times and bad. 
*  Work with a media partner to stream/broadcast the Garden City Board of Trustees’ and POA meetings and allow residents to send questions in live time. 
*  Proactively assemble every resident’s e-mail/mobile phone info, so the village can easily send helpful information in times of crisis and get feedback from residents about their needs.
*  Partner with a local radio station that becomes “The Voice of Garden City” and can be heard by residents on their solar/battery-powered radios.
3. EMS services provided by Garden City firefighters/police for Garden City residents.
*  Currently all our EMS services are handled by Nassau County, which collects hefty fees from the person’s insurance provider.
*  Example: Long Beach’s paid firefighters are all certified to handle EMS.       
*  This could be a win-win for the residents and the revenues of Garden City.
4.  Muni-meters for the parking fields northwest of Country Life Press Station.
*  A large number of people now park everyday for free, since it’s a short stroll to the train station, while our residents pay $150 a year for a sticker. 
*  Example: Mineola collects $6.00 per day for train parking.
5.  Green/sustainable energy. 
*  Garden City can be a model village for generating power for village offices and schools that cuts our dependence on LIPA and saves money.
*  Example: Kate Murray’s solar, wind, etc., initiatives in the Town of Hempstead.  

You have a clear choice for your village trustee from the East. The central issue is what’s best for Garden City.  I’ll bring a fresh, optimistic perspective, the right experience and energy for finding new and successful solutions to solving our problems and moving the village forward.
Please vote for RYAN on Tuesday, January 29th @ Stewart School, from 4:30-9:00 pm.

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