Jul 28, 2014
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Segerdahl: I Will Provide Proven, Positive Leadership

Village trustee candidate for the East Jon Segerdahl submitted the following letter to the editor.

Segerdahl: I Will Provide Proven, Positive Leadership

The ads and letters to the media from Mr. Episcopia and his supporters state that he “remains committed to earning your trust and support” - but he indiscriminately pedals LIES:

LIE #1: “I’m not silent on crime in the East. I strongly urged the police commissioner to provide for increased police presence in the East.”

FACT: The residents of the East had no communication from Trustees Episcopia or Donnelly during the burglaries spree in 2011 and 2012, and only found out about the increased police presence at the EPOA meeting on January 17th.”

LIE #2: I voted to hire 5 new police officers.”

FACT:  5 police officers were hired to fill vacant positions.

LIE #3:  “Taxes are up less than 1% in the last 5 years.” “Taxes are well below the CPI of 2.7%”  

FACT: Check your tax bill. The Garden City News states that our taxes have gone up over 17% since 2005.

LIE #4: Episcopia takes credit for the Aaa bond rating the village enjoys.

FACT:  The Moody's rating agency did not upgrade Garden City to Aaa on April 30, 2010, but recalibrated ratings to a new rating system and specifically stated: Quote: "should not view the recalibrating of municipal ratings as rating upgrades...This recalibration does not reflect an improvement in credit quality or a change in our credit opinion"
Source: Moody's website, April 30, 2010 Global Credit Research Report on the Village of Garden City's (NY) $6.8 Million GO Bonds

LIE #5: “Jon Segerdahl refused to follow the rules and failed to appear before the EPOA Nominating Committee.”

FACT: The process Jon Segerdahl followed for filing an independent nomination is in the EPOA bylaws, because the founding fathers of Garden City that wrote the Community Agreement provided this option so the people would always have a choice.

LIE #6: “Jon Segerdahl voted to make the St. Paul’s playing fields into parkland, depriving the trustees of options.”

FACT: The move to parkland designation for St. Paul’s fields has benefited every resident and prevented trustees with ties to developers or commercial real estate from selling the fields off!

LIE #7: “Supports saving the St. Paul’s clock tower.”

FACT: Voted against accepting funds for the full repair from Bob & Pat Kaliban, and against accepting funds from the CSSP, even though the village attorney said the village could take the money.

LIE #8: “St. Paul’s could cost $30-40 million to restore and our village budget is $53M.”

FACTS: St. Paul’s budget to create a Community Center has been verified at $10M by village-dictated experts. Episcopia supports hiring a consultant to create a recreation center that could easily cost $60-$100 million.
Do you want a trustee who blatantly tells mistruths and obviously can’t be trusted? Or do you want a trustee who will provide proven, positive leadership and a voice for our future?

Vote for Jon Segerdahl on Tuesday from 4:30 to 9 p.m. at Stewart School.

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