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10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011

We all matter; we all make a difference. These Glen Cove people stood out in 2011.

10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011 10 People Who Mattered in Glen Cove in 2011

Glen Cove Patch received your nominations, and tallied them up. Now, it is time to reveal the names of people you thought made a difference in 2011. If you can, take a moment to comment on this story, telling how one of these people made a difference in your life. That may inspire others to step up in 2012. Here is our list in alphabetical order:

Jim Coniglione: Coniglione is a Glen Cove resident and owner of the cleanup company. He provides a unique waste removal service on Long Island, as well as Westchester, that is more than appreciated by locals with dogs (or geese!). This year, his company co-sponsored the . Glen Cove Patch also interviewed Coniglione in September; he was one of a handful of residents who due to Tropical Storm Irene.

Jeanine DiMenna: Owner of on School Street, is a beloved member of the community. She is regarded as a “steadfast supporter of Glen Cove,” according to one nominator. Her food is praised as “excellent” by many; her warmth and generosity, appreciated by all. Page One also played host to multiple and performing arts events in 2011, including and .

Robert Germino: Germino for the District 18 seat of the legislature this year. After the race ended on Nov. 8, both candidates had to await a by the Board of Elections. Ultimately, he lost to DeRiggi-Whitton when the , but he ran a competitive campaign, nominators said. Germino was also featured in Patch’s series in September.

Superintendent Dr. Joseph Laria: Laria was in March. He was appointed to the back in May for the 2010-2011 school year, as a replacement for Dr. Laurence Aronstein, who retired after serving five years as superintendent. Laria is regarded as an influence, and an of the district.

Paul Meli: for Glen Cove mayor. After polls closed on Election Day, Meli . Although he ultimately lost the race, many regard him as a vital member of the community, appreciating his diligence, strong will and at City Council meetings.

Reginald Spinello: This longtime resident, and graduate, had one, successful year. Residents continue to share their utmost thanks to Spinello, who is Chairman of the Feast of St. Rocco, for bringing back one of the most on Long Island. a for a seat on Glen Cove’s City Council. He takes his on Jan. 2.

Mayor Ralph Suozzi: It was an important year for this nominee; he in November after running a against Republican challenger Paul Meli. It was also a pivotal year for city development, with Suozzi behind much of it. this year, and steps were taken to bring the and to .

Chief Anthony Tripp: After providing the City of Glen Cove with for 14 years, Tripp’s term as Chief of the ends on Dec. 31. He is looking forward to getting back into the “ranks” again, and plans to stay active in the firehouse. For the past four years, Tripp has been Treasurer of the Nassau County Fireman's Association. He has also been Secretary of the North Shore Fireman's Holy Name Society for the past five years. 

Matthew Venturino: This volunteer firefighter and EMT was recently elected Chief of , and will begin his new position starting midnight, Jan. 1. His was than ever in 2011, making him an of the Glen Cove community.

Julia Wood: This extraordinary, 88-year-old resident can be seen walking to three mornings each week at 5:15 a.m. to volunteer in the Ambulatory Surgical Unit. She puts patients at ease, and assists the staff when needed. Wood also volunteers at , and babysits with her grandchild and great-grandchild.

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