Jul 29, 2014

VIDEO: Jericho Ends Glen Cove's Playoff Run

Glen Cove boys basketball team defeated by Jericho, 62-47.

VIDEO: Jericho Ends Glen Cove's Playoff Run

The lost their second-round playoff game against Jericho on Wednesday, losing 62-47 at home.

Junior guard Kewan Beebe's 22 points were not enough to match Jericho's hustling offense, led by junior guard Garret Johnson, who put 31 points on the board for Jericho, and forward David Orr, who scored 15 points.

"It wasn't just a bad day for us, Jericho deserves a lot of credit," said head coach Peter Falen after the game. "They were hustling for every ball, and were consistent on offense.  They've got playoff experience. This was a first for many of our guys."

Glen Cove's Beebe brought the team to a 13-11 lead at the end of the first quarter, with 12 points on the board, trailed by Jericho's Garret Johnson's eight.

After trading turnovers, Jericho began to turn the tide in the second quarter. Jericho began to break down Glen Cove's 2-3 zone defense, which proved successful against Floral Park last week. With swift ball movement and screens setting up opportunities, Jericho's Orr and Johnson together put up 12 points in the second, outscoring Glen Cove's six.

Jericho continued their run in the third, again outscoring Glen Cove 19-13 to bring the score to 42-32.

Glen Cove appeared set for another thrilling comeback victory, cutting the lead down to five points early in the fourth quarter with two field goals from senior Chris Theodorou and a layup from senior center Mauro Carignano.

It wasn't enough, however, as Glen Cove's offense failed to effectively find the net, granting Jericho the chance to face off with the winner of the Lawrence versus Great Neck North game set for Saturday.

Coach Falen said he hoped that the experience for Glen Cove's younger players would lead to success next season.

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