Jul 28, 2014

Blog Roundup: SONY Store Arrives at Walt Whitman Shops

See what some Patch bloggers are saying this week.

Blog Roundup: SONY Store Arrives at Walt Whitman Shops
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SONY Store Arrives at Walt Whitman Shops

As we get ready for next week's very Grand Opening of the spectacular Walt Whitman Shops in Huntington Station, SONY unveiled their new store. The November 14 ribbon cutting with the Melville Chamber of Commerce and local officials welcomed SONY to our neighborhood.

Arceri Finishes Fourth in Suffolk Diving Championships

She is only an eighth grader, but Huntington’s Tricia Arceri is already making a big splash in the Suffolk girls’ swimming and diving community. The J. Taylor Finley Middle School eighth grader finished fourth in the 1-meter diving county finals last week at Hauppauge High School. She was the only eighth grader among the top 16 Suffolk divers.

Women with Epilepsy, Trying to Conceive

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the nervous system and can cause debilitating seizures. Various biological and social differences cause women to experience epilepsy differently than men. As a result, women with epilepsy face different challenges throughout life—for instance, when they try to conceive.

My Nemesis!

As promised, I will now reveal my epic fail of this latest growing season. You see, my lawn was overrun by ground-ivy. This is not the popular (but not native) English Ivy, that I gleefully dispatch with a hatchet. No, this is known by such names as creeping Charlie or gill over the ground. 

New highs for the Dow and S&P - time to buy or sell?

I addressed this question a little more than 3 months ago, when the Dow closed around 15,500 in early August, and had been in the news for hitting its all-time high. Since then, the stock market retreated a bit, yet as of this past week, hit new all-time highs, with the Dow as of this writing over 15,800 and the S&P over 1,780. I basically will give the same guidance as I did then.

Given the volatility of the markets over the last decade, quite often, the answer is not a simple yes or no. 

Gooble Gobble 2013

Thanksgiving, the first big holiday of the year.  It happens to be my personal favorite because I feel it is a very unselfish day.  No gifts involved, just a lot of kind words and gestures surrounding friends and family…oh and food!  Lots and lots of food!

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