Jul 29, 2014

Would You Take a Bus Instead of a Car on Route 110?

Suffolk County Executive proposes public transportation along Route 110 to boost business.

Would You Take a Bus Instead of a Car on Route 110?

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone last week laid out several economic development plans meant to spur business in Suffolk County, including a study that could lead to the creation of a bus lane along Route 110.

Bellone said that  would quickly shuttle commuters from the North Shore communities to the South Shore and provide untapped potential to drive economic growth in Suffolk County, especially on Route 110, which is home to 135,000 jobs.

The County Executive said that a bus route would greatly improve access to the area, creating new opportunities while also easing traffic congestion. 

Also, a part of the plan is the acceleration of a second track between Farmingdale Train Station and the Ronkonkoma Hub, which is intended to help promote additional economic development and activity. Along with the Republic/Route 110 Corridor project, the second track project will be a catalyst for other county proposals including Wyandanch Rising, the Heartland Project and the Ronkonkoma Hub.

A bus system has the potential to spur business growth and reduce congestion along the busy roadways, but would Long Islanders actually give up the convenience of a car to take a bus instead? What do you think? Tell us in the poll and comments section below.

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