Jul 29, 2014

News Nearby: Three Injured in Waterside Crash

A round up of major headlines from nearby neighborhoods.

News Nearby: Three Injured in Waterside Crash


A lack of funding and interest has put the kibosh on this year’s restaurant week in Kings Park.

's Board of Education on Tuesday voted to enact an that gives educators the power to give Breathalyzer tests to students they suspect of drinking at school-run extracurricular events.

An East Setuaket woman was sent to the hospital shortly after midnight on Wednesday and suffered serious injuries after police say a drunk driver slammed into her car.

Patrick Riedel, of Port Jefferson Station, was given a commendation along with another MTA officer for rescuing three people from a burning apartment.

Two SUVs collided along a hairpin section of Waterside Road just north of Seaside Court in Northport on Monday afternoon, sending three people to Huntington Hospital, said.

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