Jul 28, 2014

Boat Victim Recalled as 'Angelic'

Huntington Station girl died with two others in Oyster Bay sinking.

Boat Victim Recalled as 'Angelic' Boat Victim Recalled as 'Angelic'

Harlie Treanor was recalled by friends and family attending her wake Monday night in Huntington Station.

Some, teary-eyed, recalled an "angelic" child. Another, who, hours earlier had attended the funeral of Harlie's cousin, David Aureliano, said she and her son came out of sign of respect for the family, even though they hadn't known her.

Harlie, 11, David,11, and friend Victoria Gaines, 7, died when a boat they were riding in capsized and sank after watching a Fourth of July fireworks show in Oyster Bay. Another 24 people on the boat were thrown into the water but were rescued. The children had been inside the cabin when the 34-foot Silverton boat heeled over.

The Huntington Station girl, whose funeral was set for Tuesday morning, was described as "angelic, an angel. Such a sweetheart, a little girl with a little voice," one visitor said.

Interment was scheduled for Huntington Rural Cemetery.

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