Jul 28, 2014

Easter Egg Fun at the Y

Scores of children turn out to color, eat and search for hidden eggs.

Scores of young children joined the festivities at the Saturday, coloring, eating, decorating and being decorated as a lead-up to the big event, an Easter egg hunt on the lawn.

While some children got their faces painted or waited for balloon art, others danced to the disco song "YMCA" and "Ring Around the Rosie." Some bowled on the world's shortest lanes, slugged down drinks from juiceboxes or decorated eggs.

Many posed for pictures lined up to see the Easter Bunny who wandered through the crowd, though a few cried or hid out. Then, led by the bunny, they headed for the lawn retrieved eggs tucked way in the tall grasses, behind bushes or, in a few cases, sitting in plain sight.

About 170 children participated Saturday, the 15th year the Y has sponsored the party.

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