Jul 28, 2014

'Harborsfields' Plays with Misspelled Jerseys

Harborfields High School opens football season with new jerseys – and a glaring typo.

'Harborsfields' Plays with Misspelled Jerseys

A new season. Fresh expectations. And custom black jerseys. 

Everything seemed to line up perfectly for Harborfields High School’s home opener Wednesday against crosstown rival Huntington. 

Everything except those jerseys. The black material shimmered and green accents popped. So did the school’s name – Harborsfields – emblazoned across the front in white stitching.

Just one problem, that’s not the school’s name. Harborfields Athletic Director John Valente said the wardrobe malfunction was discovered too late. 

“It’s interesting how this can happen,” Valente said. “Earlier in the summer the Jones Beach sign on the parkway was spelled wrong. Unfortunately, people are not checking these things.” 

Why did the school opt to use the jerseys? Turns out the shipment from the manufacturer arrived on game day. Coach Mike Potter discovered the inconvenient typo while handing out uniforms to his players. There was no other option. 

One player, senior wideout / defensive back Chris Tirrito, expressed his disappointment on Twitter: “They spell Harborfields wrong and didn't put my name on the back of the jersey... Way to [mess] that one up.” 

Valente said the manufacturer – who he declined to name – has said it will take the misspelled jerseys back and make the appropriate fix.

Harborfields hosts Deer Park next on Sept. 21, but it’s unclear whether the team will have new black home uniforms in time.

“The kids received their jerseys – and we received them from the manufacturer – yesterday,” Valente said. “It was too late to do anything.” 

Despite some late-game drama, Harborfields lost to Huntington, 14-6. That's no typo.

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