22 Aug 2014
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Protect Birds by Keeping the Cat Indoors

Patch bloggers write about the issues near and dear to them.

Protect Birds by Keeping the Cat Indoors

Patch bloggers write on a variety of topics. Here are a few of the best from around Patch sites.

Send the kids outdoors but --so says Stella Miller. "You may be wondering if it is cruel to deprive your cat of an outdoor life.  Absolutely not.  Cats that are allowed outside are more likely to lead shorter lives."

Brian Kelly advocates for to control the population in the spring. "Many homeowners consider the fall as the end of tick season as the temperatures decrease, but it is actually an important time to treat properties to prevent the spread of ticks for the spring season."

Mary Redler finds Long Island "Driving through many of the Long Island's downtown areas and seeing the businesses that line the streets, one might think that it is merely a place where people eat out or get take-out after work and women get their nails and hair done, but Long Island is so much more."

Randy Levin writes about the and the need to get going. Now. "Once again…the 28,000 other students….many of whom were driven to get 2400 on their SAT were also club presidents and competitors who gave their time to charity work….if not a kidney."

Cynthia Loewen writes about , most recently about legal protections for artists.

Robert Pape writes about the . "These men are a true band of brothers who have always been there when called to service. They represent the best of the Irish spirit and tradition and they brought New York City through some of its darkest days."

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