Jul 28, 2014

Six Artists Take On One Canvas

'A Matter of Color' brings collaboration on one piece of art.

Six artists from across Long Island gathered in Huntington last week to collaborate on one artistic masterpiece. The event, entitled “A Matter of Color,” was held at
“A Matter of Color” is the brainchild of curator, artist and Huntington resident Marna Shoenwald. Shoenwald rents space at Pulitzer & Panetta to use as a personal studio, but she got the idea to expand her artistic endeavors and host an event to bring together artists from the surrounding community. In order to contact other potential artists, Shoenwald said she simply posted a listing on Craigslist looking for edgy, alternative artists and from there was able to meet several of the artists present at the event. None of the collaborators had previously painted together before “A Matter of Color.”

One artist at the event was Nella Khanis, a Queens resident who responded to Shoenwald’s Craigslist ad. Khanis is a painter, photographer and poet who described her artistic style as bright and colorful. She lent her hand to a large section in the middle of the canvas.

“We all have completely different styles,” she said. “The only rule is don’t cross each other’s work.”

Another artist was Eric Hurnyak, a Long Beach resident who also founded Long Island Creative Vortex, a collaborative art group he hosts at his home on Saturdays. He described his artistic style as improvisational.

“There’s not much of a plan or idea when I go into it,” he said.

The final painting was an array of colors, faces, the New York City skyline and many other artistic images and techniques. As for what to do with the painting, Khanis speculates that the group may attempt to auction it off for charity.

Shoenwald was thrilled with “A Matter of Color,” which she describes as her “first annual” collaborative art event.

“This has been so much fun, painting together,” she said. “We all connected and meshed really well.”

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