Jul 26, 2014

South Huntington Adds Appointments

Advisory, coaching positions filled.

South Huntington Adds Appointments

The South Huntington school board made the following appointments Wednesday:

Coaching/Extracurricular Appointments

Tatiana Jordan                       Parent Workshop Presenter                          

Cynthia Mandel                       Parent Workshop Presenter                          

Jennifer Provda                       Parent Workshop Presenter                          

Danielle Rodrigues                  Parent Workshop Presenter                          

Eric Micalizzi                           Baseball JV Coach                                          

Elizabeth Python                     Softball Volunteer                                         

Karl Ulrich                              Track, Varsity Boys Assistant

Elizabeth Leogrande               Curriculum Writing/Algebra                          

Richard Schmidt                     Curriculum Writing/Algebra

Adam Dimina                         Curriculum Writing/Geometry                      

Christine Scharpf                    Curriculum Writing/Geometry                      

Susan Hucke                           Adult Education/Heartsaver AED                 

Ellen Spector-Haigney            Adult Education/Mahjong                             

Seth Goldman                         G.O. Treasurer (1/2)                                       

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