19 Aug 2014
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West Nile: Is There a Home Remedy?

What over-the-counter product do you use to keep mosquitoes off the kids and yourself; is there a secret family potion you'll share?

West Nile: Is There a Home Remedy?

has hit the news and sent some shivers around Long Island.

Thursday, the Suffolk County Health Department said a Town of Huntington resident was recovering from a case of West Nile. It was the second case in the county this year.

On Wednesday, the said cases nationally are rising dramatically.

For the time being, we could use a little help: What home remedies and over-the-counter products would you recommend to our readers to keep the bugs from biting?

Is there one that has been effective for you and your family?

Is there a home remedy, something that has worked for your family for generations?

Please tell us your ideas and offer some recommendations in the comments. Lots of people are asking what to do.

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