Jul 29, 2014

A Storm of Historic Proportions to Hit Larchmont-Mamaroneck

A potentially historic blizzard will begin Friday night and continue into Saturday morning.

A Storm of Historic Proportions to Hit Larchmont-Mamaroneck A Storm of Historic Proportions to Hit Larchmont-Mamaroneck A Storm of Historic Proportions to Hit Larchmont-Mamaroneck


The snowstorm named Nemo may be remembered for a number of reasons. Since the Weather Channel announced in October that they would start giving blizzards monikers, this will be the first major storm with a name to hit the East Coast that hasn't been a hurricane. Also, Nemo has the potential to be a storm of historic proportions, which, in the increasing trend of unusual and erratic weather patterns, could signal another step in the direction of climate change.

So, what's in store for the Sound Shore this weekend?  Between 8-14 inches of snow, ice, wind and whiteout conditions.

According to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS), a light snow will fall this morning and will taper off around 9 a.m., with rain off and on for the rest of the day.

The worst is yet to come though.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a blizzard warning from Friday at 6 p.m. through Saturday at 1 p.m., with snowfall between 8-10 inches, wind gusts of 45 mph and near zero visibilities predicted. Drivers are advised to stay off the roads during the blizzard and, if they become stranded, should remain in their vehicles until help arrives.

Although the snow will stop Saturday morning, wind gusts will remain high and could send snow drifts across already plowed areas, making for difficult traveling conditions. Heavy snow piles on wires and trees could cause power outages and downed wires.

There is a coastal flood warning for areas along Long Island Sound from 6 p.m. Friday to midnight, which may mean the closure of roads in low-lying areas near the waterfront and Mamaroneck Harbor. 

The Village of Mamaroneck has already mobilized 27 vehicles to be used to clear and salt main roads, side streets and parking lots throughout the village, said Mayor Norm Rosenblum yesterday.

Both the Town of Mamaroneck and Village of Larchmont are gearing up their vehicles for the big storm, according to messages on both town and village websites.

Con Ed has issued the following tips to heed in the case of a power outage:

Customers can report downed power lines, outages and check service restoration status by computer or mobile device at www.coned.com/ReportOutage. They can also call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633). When reporting an outage, customers should have their Con Edison account number available, if possible, and report whether their neighbors also have lost power. Customers who report outages will be called by Con Edison with their estimated restoration times as they become available.

Depending on the severity of storm damage, crews will give priority to restoring service lines that will provide power to the most customers as quickly as possible, then move on to restore smaller groups and individual customers who are without power.

Safety Tips:

  • If you see downed electrical wires, do not go near them. Treat all downed wires as if they are live. Never attempt to move them or touch them with your hands or any object. Be mindful that downed wires can be hidden from view by tree limbs, leaves or water.
  • Report all downed wires to Con Edison and your local police department immediately. If a power line falls on your car while you’re in it, stay inside the vehicle and wait for emergency personnel.If your power goes out, disconnect or turn off appliances that would otherwise turn on automatically when service is restored. If several appliances start up at once, the electric circuits may overload.
  • Check to make sure your flashlights and any battery-operated radios are in working order. Make sure you have extra batteries. Weather updates and news on restorations of electrical service can be heard on most local radio and television stations.


The Village of Mamaroneck has issued the following tips:

  • Please be prepared with batteries, flashlights, and other necessities.
  • Stay home and off the roads after the heavy snow starts Friday night. Blizzard conditions are predicted, and during peak snow Friday night into Saturday, snow fall rates are predicted to be as fast as 3 to 4 inches an hour and visibility will be extremely reduced.
  • When shoveling snow, please pace yourself, stretch and warm up beforehand. Use proper snow shoveling methods to avoid personal injury     Please do not shovel snow into the streets, as the plows will just plow it back along the sidewalks, and shoveling snow into the street could lead to unsafe and icy conditions  It is best, whenever possible, to shovel the snow onto lawns and adjacent property, but if need be, it may be shoveled to the curb, not into the street         
  • Parking - We recommend as much as possible that residents and tenants park cars in available driving, and off the streets, so that the plows can maximize their plowing effectiveness, and avoid risk of damage to privately owned vehicles. The snow plows are working quickly and cannot avoid plowing the snow back across the 6,000 driveways in the village, so if they plow snow back across your driveway(s) please shovel it back out to the sides of your driveway, not into the street.
  • Village Code Chapter 296 governs removal of snow from public sidewalks, which is as follows:  § 296-1. Removal of snow, ice and other materials.       A. Any owner, lessee, tenant, occupant or other person having charge of any building or vacant lot of ground within the village limits abutting upon any street where the sidewalk is paved shall, within two hours after snow ceases to fall or after the deposit of any dirt or other material upon said sidewalk, remove the snow or ice, dirt or other material from the sidewalk and gutter, the time between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. not being included in the above period of two hours.   B. In case the snow and ice on the sidewalk shall be frozen so hard that it cannot be removed without injury to the pavement, the owner, lessee, tenant, occupant or other person having charge of any building or vacant lot may, within the time specified in the Subsection A above, cause the sidewalk abutting said premises to be strewn with ashes, sand, salt, sawdust or other similar suitable material and shall, as soon thereafter as the weather shall permit, thoroughly clean said sidewalk.          

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