Jul 30, 2014

Laid to Rest: Community Mourns a Child Whose Life Was Cut Short

Mourners filled the pews at the Scarborough Presbyterian Church in Briarcliff Manor to honor Jason 'Jake' Reish.

Laid to Rest: Community Mourns a Child Whose Life Was Cut Short


“I don’t think it gets any darker than this,” said Rev. Dr. Tim Ives, as he addressed family and friends in the hallowed room who were gathered to mourn a 4-year-old boy whose short life was best remembered by his innocence and big smile.

Quoting Matthew 18:4, he spoke about Jesus’ special relationship with children, his welcoming of them into the Kingdom of Heaven.

“Each of us is filled with hope that this is not the end,” he said.

Jason “Jake” Reish’s father, Dr. Tim Reish, his aunt Sara Reish Desmond, uncle Matthew Reish and family friend Jeff Manganello all spoke of the immensity of Jake’s loss.

“We’ll have a special place in our hearts for this boy we love so dearly,” said Matthew.

But for the father that would never hold teach his son to shave or fish, the words describing his feelings would be more difficult to articulate.

“I revised this about 17 times so I could adequately express my family’s feelings for that little boy,” he said.

As an orthopedic surgeon who helps heal and mend broken bones, Tim realized he was powerless in the face of tragedy.

“This injury is, unfortunately, not fixable,” he said.

As Tim described a dream he recently had where his son was standing outside a gate calling for him, his voice became choked with emotion.

“This is a wound that will never heal…There will be a permanent hole in our hearts and souls that will never be filled,” he said.

Following the mass, mourners silently filed out of the church into the blinding sunlight. 


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