Jul 26, 2014

Mam'k Residents Sound Off in Town Survey

The full results of a Town of Mamaroneck survey were discussed at Wednesday night's board meeting.

Mam'k Residents Sound Off in Town Survey


Town of Mamaroneck residents were clear on a few things in the town’s latest survey: there should be more shared services between the town and villages, enhanced flood mitigation and potentially one less garbage pick-up per week.

The vote on whether or not the property tax cap was a good thing was less decisive. About 33 percent voted to go over the cap to maintain existing services while about 30 percent urged budgetary restraint in order to stay within the two percent cap.

The full results of the survey—available here on the town’s website—provided intriguing, if not totally surprising, insights into resident’s likes, dislikes and suggestions for town officials.

Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson said, “Some of it is really interesting….some of it is really juicy.”

She continued: “As you know, our budgets are getting quite squeezed in municipalities and we thought this would be a good way to truly get to know what people think are the most important aspects of our community.”

There were 1,012 surveys collected, 4.8 percent of the town’s population aged 18 and older, according to the town.

Seligson said that respondents had a lot of things to say about the surrounding communities as well.

“I think it also gives us a sense of the crossover in the three municipalities. Many of the people commented about lots of things in the other municipalities. I think it will be helpful to share with the Village of Larchmont and Village of Mamaroneck and bring us together so we can talk about the responses between the municipalities.”

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