Jul 30, 2014

Island Trees Cancels Winter Recess Due to Impact of Sandy

Island Trees Cancels Winter Recess Due to Impact of Sandy Island Trees Cancels Winter Recess Due to Impact of Sandy
The Island Trees School District has announced that school will be in session during February winter recess as well as an additional two days in April and May, due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor'easter.

Island Trees lost a total of eight school days at the high school and six days at the elementary and middle schools during the storms.

Schools will be in session during the February recess (Feb. 19, 20, 21, and 22), as well as April 1, and May 24, for a total of six days.

New York State requires 180 “days of session” for state aid purposes. For Island Trees, falling short would cost the district approximately $60,000 per day, the school explained in a letter to residents.

"Therefore, it is important to meet this requirement. The make-up days noted above bring us to 180 session days at the high school and 182 at the middle and elementary schools," the school said.

The school has also scheduled additional make-up days, if necessary. Those days are Monday, March 25, Monday, June 24, Tuesday June 25 and Wednesday, June 26. The school noted that if we are hit with a major snowstorm, they could consider using Presidents’ Day and/or additional days during the Spring Recess, but said they don't want to exercise this option.

The New York State Education Commissioner has the ability to waive up to five (5) school session days given extreme circumstances. However, as part of the application process, the district said they must show an attempt to utilize available vacation days to be considered for the waiver.

"I understand many people believe New York State will 'waive' the missed days.  The state will not 'waive' days unless the district in good-faith has changed their recess schedule," said Island Trees Superintendent Charles Murphy.

The Board plans to formally approve the new calendar at their next meeting in December.  

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