15 Sep 2014
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LPOA Talks Levittown Zoning Awareness at Meeting

LPOA Talks Levittown Zoning Awareness at Meeting
The Levittown Property Owners Association (LPOA) held their first meeting of 2013 on Tuesday night and covered a wide range of topics affecting residents. 

Several residents in the crowd and members of the association expressed their desire to increase the visibility and awareness of the LPRD zoning laws in Levittown, as a developer has proposed building an assisted living facility at the former North Levittown Lanes. 

The Levittown Planned Residence District (LPRD) code is unique to Levittown as one of its main purposes is to "preserve the integrity of the plan of the original Levittown."

The code contains several restrictions on the size of ground floors and building areas, and well as side and rear yard restrictions for homes in town.

"How many people bought property in this town and realized they couldn’t build?" one resident pointed out.

Copies of the LPRD are not easy to come by and are not easy to find online, another resident said.

"Half of the people in Levittown don't even know about it," the resident said of the code. "When your buying a property shouldn't you know the complications?"

The LPOA proposed getting a copy of the printed version from the Town of Hempstead and scanning it to put on the LPOA website and Facebook page.

"It's like buried in there - put it on Facebook, on the website. Let people go after it," a resident said. 

For the owner of the North Levittown Lanes property and future owners of commercial buildings in Levittown, the LPOA said they just want them to be aware the law exists. 

"We're going to work on getting it on the website," a board member said. "We just want to say, 'If you are thinking of doing something in Levittown, these are things to consider.'"

Similar concerns have been brought up with the proposed assisted living facility that were brought up with the Crocus Lane condo project, which was shut down in 2012.  The Town ruled that the project "did not fit the suburban character of the neighborhood surrounding the property."

Residents and board members suggested that the building turn into an ice skating or roller skating rink, or a skate park instead. 

The Town of Hempstead Building Zone Ordinance LPRD can be viewed here. 

Zwanger Pesiri Update

A Zwanger Pesiri radiology building is said to be the replacement for the former site of the Israel Community Center at 3235 Hempstead Tpke. 

Although construction has not yet begun on the project, an LPOA member said that "things are progressing" and that the project is coming along. 

“It’s not out of the wood. They did let the Ford dealer use the property temporarily, but beyond that I don’t know.”’

Police Officer to Visit Next LPOA Meeting

The LPOA announced that Officer Lamonica, a Problem Oriented Policing (POP) officer with the Second Precinct, will be visiting the LPOA at their next meeting to discuss several Levittown issues.

The next LPOA meeting will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at the Levittown Library Bluegrass entrance. 

What do you think should replace the former North Levittown Lanes building? Tell us in the comments below. 

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