Jul 30, 2014

Patch 101 How To: Share Photos and Videos

Patch 101 How To: Share Photos and Videos
Patch’s new platform makes it simple to share your photos from the latest basketball game, backyard birding triumph or school fundraiser you worked so hard to plan.

Just look for the big green “Post” button on any page and click on it. You’ll see an option to add “Photos or Videos.” Find the group that makes the most sense—Around Town is always a good one—add a short description and choose the files from your computer. After you hit “Post Now” your photo or gallery will be live!

Don’t forget to write details about the photo and give yourself credit in the caption space.

While on the site, also don’t forget to follow the groups that interest you so you can stay connected. You can also create your own group to share your interests, ideas, photos and videos.

Don’t let those beautiful moments languish on your desktop. Share them on Patch!

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