Jul 30, 2014

Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012

A look at some of the top stories we covered this past year.

Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012 Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012 Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012 Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012 Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012 Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012 Top 12 Levittown Patch Stories of 2012
Levittown saw its share of crime, politics and controversy in 2012.  

Here are some of the top stories we covered in 2012. If you think we’ve missed a story or disagree with the list, please comment below.

#12 - Hempstead Town Announces Legislation Outlawing Signs on Utility Poles - The Town announced the signing of the Sign of The Times legislation, outlawing commercial ads on local utility poles, fences, trees and other structures.

#11 - Levittown Teens Caught Vandalizing Property on Video  - A Sugar Maple Road home equipped with a security camera caught footage of a group of teenagers vandalizing a car, with one running up and kicking off the side view mirror, while another slashes the back left tire. The incident was one of many in the neighborhood.

#10 -  Levittown Man Convicted of Exorting Sexual Favors from Inmates - Mark Barber, 50, of Levittown, was convicted of 30 counts of extorting sexual favors from female inmates.

#9 - Levittown Man Arrested for Allegedly Choking Teenager - A Levittown man was arrested in Elmont after allegedly choking a teen and impersonating a federal agent.

#8 -  Cancer Survivor From Levittown Completes 3,000 Mile Cycling Trip - Mike Cohen, a Levittown native, rode his bicycle from San Diego to New York to celebrate his sixth year of being cancer free. Cohen graduated from MacArthur HS in 2003.

#7 - Levittown Gazebo Outside the Library VandalizedA gazebo across the street from the Levittown Library was badly damaged by vandals, forcing the Town of Hempstead Parks Department to remove the remaining structure due to safety concerns.

#6 - Sandy Utility Worker Assaulted by Levittown Man - A Levittown man was arrested for assaulting an out-of-state utility worker in the parking lot of an East Meadow restaurant.

#5 -  IT Little League Coach Arrested on Child Porn Charges  - A senior state parole officer who was arrested Tuesday on a child pornography charge is a former Island Trees little league coach, an official in the league confirmed.

#4 - Hurricane Sandy Hits Levittown - The wrath of Hurricane Sandy was felt right here in Levittown, leaving most of the town powerless and causing major damage to homes.

#3 - Levittown Teenager Killed on Hempstead Tpke. - 16-year-old Anthony D'Alessandro was struck and killed as he was crossing Hempstead Turnpike near Division Avenue back in April. Teens later held a rally calling for a safer Hempstead Turnpike.

#2 - Vacant Walbaums to Become a Walmart Market - A Walmart supermarket is slated to replace the vacant Walbaum's on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown, and the news drew a mixed reaction from the community.

#1 - Crocus Lane Proposal Shut Down by Town of Hempstead - The Town of Hempstead announced in early October that the boar denied a developer's request to re-zone a property at Crocus Lane in Levittown in order to build condominiums.

The proposal divided the community -  among the concerns brought up by residents was the potential increase in traffic and noise, the project not fitting in with the character of the neighborhood, and the desire to preserve the land, which is located on the former site of the Long Island Motor Parkway. These concerns led the Board to ultimately deny the developer's request.

What is your top story of 2012? Tell us in the comments below.

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