21 Aug 2014
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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

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My name is Nancy, and my niece’s name is Deanna. I am writing this letter In hopes of healing a broken heart. Deanna’s father, my brother Louie, passed away only two months before hurricane sandy He was only 41 years old. We live close to the water, and when the hurricane sandy hit, our home was under 5 feet of water. I had been my brother’s caregiver for 20 years. We were all very close. I lost my brother, but Deanna was only 14, she lost her father and her best friend. In the mist of this disaster we lost our home and all the treasured memories inside. Deanna lost pictures, cards, and gifts that her Father had given her through the years. The one thing she lost that meant the most to her was his bed. After he passed she would sleep in his bed and this would make her feel close to him. It hurt me so much to have to throw it away. It was full of water and had mold we had no choice. That bed was the one thing she had that helped her with her grieving her father’s loss. But this storm did not discriminate, it destroyed everything, no matter how much it meant to you. Deanna and her father were very close. They did everything together. My brother Louie was sick for a long time, but that never stopped him from being the best father he could. He would never let Deanna down he would always go to all her school events. They would go to the park, bowling, the aquarium, and there favorite pastime was to go fishing. Every year he would dress up with her and go trick or treating too. This was despite all the pain he was in. The last 5 years my brother couldn’t walk and was confined to a wheelchair. He was on dialysis 5 days a week, but he never let his daughter know his suffering. The last night he was alive was father’s day. He spent every last minute enjoying his time with Deanna. That last night he ordered pizza from his hospital room, and he and she ate pizza together and watched sponge bob. He kept her safe and happy till the very end. Louie passed away the next day at 9:01 am He made me promise him to take care of her and keep her safe and happy. When the hurricane hit we lost everything, and I felt like I let him down. We weren’t able to save anything; we still haven’t moved back into the house we called home this is due to the lack of enough money to finish the repairs to make the house livable. As of today October 2013 we still don’t even have a kitchen and the roof on the house is still in need of repairs still have a tarp on roof  and with the winter coming soon I am afraid I will have even more heart ace from hurricane sandy. He gave guardianship of his daughter to me I hope I will always be able to do for her as he always did. To give her a happy and healthy home to live in. My brother was a very happy and fun loving guy. He made every day count despite his pain and suffering. We both; loved him very dearly. Deanna is doing her best to cope. Sometimes I hear her crying at night, we haven’t been able to truly grieve his passing since all of this happened with hurricane sandy I am in hopes of kind people to help make donations so I can fix and furnish our home so she will have somewhere special to rest her head again and most of all start to heal her heart. So almost a year later from hurricane sandy we are still in need of funds / help this is why I am reaching out to kind people to help us in our time of need. To whom ever is reading this please feel free to pass our story on , to anyone you may think will be able to help us. Please if you are able to help go to ADOPT A HOUSE FUNDRAISER   See my fundraiser House # 413 THANK YOU

 P.S. My brother was also a big animal lover; he left me 2 Dogs, 3 Hamsters, a Cat, and 4 Snakes.                        

                         Thank-you Nancy      (631)-226-1685

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