Jul 28, 2014
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Lindenhurst School District Settles Custodian Contract

However, the Lindenhurst Board of Education and District are still in negotiations with TAL, as well as four other employee units.

Lindenhurst School District Settles Custodian Contract

The Lindenhurst School District has settled the first of six employee unit contracts.

One out of Six
"We reached a settlement with our custodians, but we're still in negotiations with our other five units (TAL/teachers' union, aides, clericals, nurses and administrators)," said Superintendent Richard Nathan at the Community Input Night: Budget Overview on Wednesday - the first in the series of school budget 2013-14 meetings this year.

There Nathan presented the first look at the upcoming budget and challenges the District's facing in a post- Hurricane Sandy and post-tax cap world to a packed room at the McKenna Administration Building.

(Look for a story to come about the 2013-14 budget outlook.)

He said after Wednesday night's meeting the contract was formally approved at the February 6 Lindenhurst Board of Education business meeting, and it was for three years.

However, after that meeting district officials didn't release the amount for which the custodian contract was settled.

BOE President Donna Hochman said at the time, "One down, five to go."

And at last night's meeting there was talk the BOE and District were close to agreements with at least one more of the five units.

"We're getting close with the nurses and clericals," Hochman told Lindenhurst Patch after the meeting.

And although it's been six months after the BOE declared an impasse in its talks with the District's largest bargaining unit - which have been happening for a couple of years now - Hochman added, "We're still hopeful about the teachers."

(Click here to read more about TAL contract talks.)


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