Jul 26, 2014
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Blinded DWI Defendant Pleads Not Guilty

The incident was Timothy Schroeder's third drunken driving arrest.

Blinded DWI Defendant Pleads Not Guilty

Timothy Schroeder, the Long Beach man who was arrested for driving while intoxicated after allegedly taking police on a chase back in July, pleaded not guilty Monday.

According to the story in Newsday, Schroeder was indicted last week on charges of felony driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, fleeing from police, reckless driving and operating a motor vehicle without an interlock device. He is currently free on bail.

On Jul 25, Schroeder allegedly resisted arrest and fought with one of the officers who had chased him down after abandoning his vehicle, prompting a good Samaritan, who was nearby, to assist the officer in bringing Schroeder under control.

A short time later, three additional officers arrived and were able to restrain the Schroeder and take him into custody. However, during the struggle with police, Schroeder permanently lost sight in his right eye.

“They claim he resisted, but our position is that it was unnecessary use of force,” said William Petrillo, the attorney for Schroeder.

After the incident, police said Schroeder had three prior DWI convictions and was required to have an interlock device installed in his car, which he was supposed to breathe into before operating the vehicle. According to the same report in Newsday:

In 2008, Schroeder pleaded guilty to felony drunken driving charges in Suffolk County after fleeing police there.

According to 27East.com, Schroeder was a tenured Eastport South Manor High School social studies teacher and was suspended from his job in early September.

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