20 Aug 2014
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Bring Your New Baby Home to a Safe Environment

Bring Your New Baby Home to a Safe Environment Bring Your New Baby Home to a Safe Environment
Expectant parents don't need another stuffed animal or a stack of onesies to add to the 3-foot mound of clothes they already have. They need a safe environment to bring their new baby home to, so certified microbial investigator Robert Weitz created Healthy Baby, Healthy Home Inspections.

"Parents-to-be have always registered for the the safest strollers, car seats and cribs, but the latest trend is requests for environmental testing packages to keep babies safe from toxic hazards in the home," said Robert Weitz, founder of RTK Environmental Group.  "We responded to this fast-growing demand and created Healthy Baby, Health Home Inspections to detect mold, lead, radon, asbestos and other, often hidden contaminants in the home," explained Weitz.

Health issues caused by these toxins, especially to vulnerable newborns, include autism, ADHD, cancer and asthma. Packages are currently only available in areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Older, upscale homes in our area are especially likely to have lead paint in them, and homes hit by Superstorm Sandy are more likely to contain mold. 

Individuals can choose from a wide range of inspection packages, from "Love Without Lead" (comes with a lead paint inspection, lead in water sample, and radon in air sample) to "Only the Best for Baby" (comes with mold investigation with five samples, a lead paint inspection, a water potability sample, metals in soil test, and radon in air sample). The attractive packages come complete with a diaper bag full of special gifts that can easily be given as a present.

Whether you are looking for a special baby shower gift or adding to your own baby registry, RTK offers an array of packages to suit your family’s individual needs. You can add a Healthy Baby, Healthy Home Inspection to your baby shower registry through www.MyRegistry.com, or visit us directly at  http://shop.rtkenvironmental.com.

“Because 80% of homes contain at least one environmental hazard, it is important for pregnant moms and new parents to make sure their home is safe to bring their new baby into," Weitz said.

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