Jul 28, 2014
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Ford Re-Elected Over Tangney in 4th Legislative District

Denise Ford, first elected in 2003, defeated Democratic challenger Darlene Tangney in Tuesday's election.

Ford Re-Elected Over Tangney in 4th Legislative District

Republican incumbent Denise Ford, R-Long Beach, prevailed over Democratic challenger Darlene Tangney Tuesday night, securing a two-year term in the 4th Legislative District.

A close race, Ford overcame her opponent with 53.59 percent of the total votes to defeat Tangney 6,901 votes to 5,971 votes, according to the Nassau County Board of Elections.

Ford's re-election will bring her into her fifth term as the County Legislator.

"I am thrilled to have been elected to a fifth term as Nassau Legilsator representing District 4," said Ford. "My sincerest thanks to all of my loyal supporters and family for giving me the opportunity to continue my work for our community."

Despite her loss, Tangney was grateful for the outpouring of support in her first campaign.

“I had an outstanding team and it was a great race," said Tangney on Tuesday. "I went up against an 8-year incumbent on some tough issues. I believe that the people still need a voice in the legislature and they don’t have that.”

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