Jul 28, 2014
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In case you haven't heard yet, Long Beach Hospital is no more. After filing for bankruptcy, Newsday says South Nassau bought it. "The hospitals, in a joint announcement yesterday, said Long Beach will partner with South Nassau, which will acquire the hospital's assets for $21 million and redevelop the campus." And, they will eventually take over the Nursing Home, too. Sweet deal. I wonder who's getting the $21 million? The rear bayfront parking lot alone is worth $20 mil, not to mention a free CT Scanner and other goodies thrown in. And all we're left with is the promise of an ER, which the (NYS Democrats) State has already paid SNCH for- $6.6 million. Fixing up the hospital sure was a sad waste, since the "fix" obviously in all along. I'm sure a Patch Editor will cut & paste the whole Newsday story here soon. http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/long-beach-medical-center-files-for-bankruptcy-protection-... The hospital really might have had a chance to survive after bankruptcy. I didn't even know Schumer called for last-minute money to save the hospital. Unfortunately, in all the pictures he's standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Meltzer, CEO who ran it into the ground. http://liherald.com/longbeach/stories/Schumer-FEMA-owes-LBMC-100M-for-Sandy-damage,52688?content_sou...=

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