22 Aug 2014
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Superblock = WHERE'S HARVEY?

About two years ago, Harvey Weisenberg, our self-lauding State Assemblyman, proclaimed the "Biggest Threat to Long Beach's Future" - our dwindling water supply.  He called for typical Democrat solutions -- draconian conservation measures and oppressive rate increases.  And huge surcharge taxes on deveolpment. 

Yes, it is true that every year the County drills monitoring wells and finds more and more encroachment of salt water into the Lloyd Aquifer, from which Long Beach pumps its water.

Now, Harvey's Democrat handlers are proposing 525 new units that will each pump 200 gallons of water each day from the aquifer.

Where's Harvey?  You're not telling us you are simply one more bought-and-paid-for-Democrat-fraud, are you? 

Let's hear from Harvey Weisenberg!  Stand up against this development, Harvey, or step aside, you fraud!

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