Jul 28, 2014
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Curran, Ra React to Guv's State of the State

Local state assemblymen weigh in on job creation, taxes, Sandy relief and education reform.

Curran, Ra React to Guv's State of the State

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo took on gun control, job creation, education reform and high taxes Wednesday as he delivered his 2013 State of the State Address.

Reacting to Cuomo's remarks, NYS Assemblyman Brian Curran, who represents the 21st District including Malverne and his hometown Lynbrook, said the Guv hit upon some of his "deepest concerns."

"With New York’s unemployment rate still high at 8.3 percent, stemming from a still sputtering national economy, we need to focus on job creation to put New Yorkers back to work," Curran stated. 

Curan also said that the "taxpayers of New York State are feeling the strain of high taxes and a poor economy," and that he looked forward to working with the governor to help lower taxes while providing meaningful support to communities and schools.

Assemblyman Ed Ra, who represents the 19th District, which includes parts of West Hempstead, shared these concerns over the state's struggling economy and high taxes.

"Over the past two years, great strides have been made to improve our state’s sagging economy and rein in the out of control spending of years past," he said. "My priority continues to be maintaining this trend by reducing the regulations and bureaucratic red tape that stifle small businesses and restrict job creation and economic growth."

Ra added, "We also need to continue lowering taxes for residents. New York is among the highest-taxed states in the nation and I applaud Gov. Cuomo for his commitment to ensuring there are no new tax hikes this year."

Neither Ra or Curran reacted to Cuomo's call for New York to take the lead in passing serious gun control measures.

Both assemblyman did agree that education reform is needed.

"We need to pass comprehensive education reform to make sure that our children are given the education they need to succeed in the future,"  Curran said.

Ra called for "meaningful mandate relief" to be accomplished this year, so that counties and municipalities aren’t "overburdened and can better provide the essential services we all rely upon." He added, "Our state needs to become more affordable for our families, and lower taxes and mandate relief are essential in order to accomplish that.

As the budgest process approaches, Ra said he plans on working to ensure schools receive their fair share of aid.

"Every child deserves a quality education and I will continue to do everything in my power to make sure that Nassau County schools continue to provide the best education possible for our children," he stated.

Curran also applauded Cuomo's committment to partnering with Long Island elected officials from both parties to ensure that New York residents victimized by the Superstorm Sandy receive the relief they deserve and the assistance they need. 

"With the Governor’s auspicious plans for New York this year, I will work with him to provide the needed support New Yorkers need, as well as holding the line on no new taxes in an on-time and balanced budget," Curran stated. "New York will be the Empire State once again."

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