Jul 26, 2014
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Curran Votes in Favor of Delaying Common Core Aspects

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook – 21st A.D.) yesterday voted in favor of legislation that would delay the implementation of certain aspects of Common Core. Assembly bill 8929 puts a two-year moratorium on linking teacher evaluations to the results of standardized tests. This legislation would designate this testing as the sole means for student promotion. The bill also prohibits the state Education Department from providing student data to any third-party vendor that would send the information to data dashboards.

Curran discussed his opposition to Common Core on the floor of the Assembly:


After the vote, Curran said that “[t]he passage of this bill is a small victory for the Assembly Minority Conference,” said Assemblyman Curran. “Although the legislation does not address all of the problems regarding Common Core, it is a positive step. However, we set out to accomplish much more when we rolled out our APPLE Plan, a comprehensive initiative composed after our meetings with parents, administrators and school districts throughout New York State. We did the leg work that the education department and the Assembly Majority Conference failed to complete. The APPLE Plan would effectively address our concerns with Common Core and craft a first-class curriculum for our children. This is the plan we must enact to provide true reform for our students,” Curran said.


Assemblyman Curran is urging his fellow Assembly colleagues to pass more than just this small piece of legislation and enact the full delay of Common Core that the Assembly Minority has presented.


The full report can be viewed at bit.ly/educationalcrossroads and the list of recommendations can be found at  http://bit.ly/APPLEplan.

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