23 Aug 2014
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municipality pothole budgets

ugly winter for sure. tough on our roads.pot holes are popping up everywhere. we the drivers pay extremely high gas prices,sales taxes on car purchases-repairs,bridge-tunnel tolls,parking fines,moving violation fines, driver license fees and car inspection and registration fees.   all these monies collected by our state government adds up and a great portion goes back for road and bridge repairs so......i hope our local municipalities are going to be getting state money to repair our roads.  spring will soon be upon us and i better see dpw crews everywhere fixing these potholes that  appear to be everywhere we drive.  broken axles,tire repairs,accidents avoiding these potholes.  they need to be fixed sooner then later.  forget this phone number nassau county has set up for residents to report potholes, there everywhere!!!  its not going to be an easy fix  but i for one am sick of potholes not just from this winter but the potholes that seem to be totally avoided.   i'd love a smooth ride would'nt you?  then i hope the politicians develop a springtime pot hole fix-it in their budgets. they drive too correct......get it done then!!!!

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