15 Sep 2014
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New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center Emerges to free your loved ones of the Debacle of People, Places, and Things.

New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center Emerges to free your loved ones of the Debacle of People, Places, and Things.

We are giving your loved ones a second chance at life in the most weather friendly place in the U.S. to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. Recovery is possible and we know this as a fact, because we have seen it before our very eyes.

New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center of Fort Lauderdale provides a long term 4 tier Detox, Partial Hospitalization Program. Intensive Out-Patient, Out Patient, and Group Counseling Process and in that order. We have a structured environment where after the patient goes through an initial assessment by our Medical Doctor they will be placed into our program with a proper strategy to help jump start their recovery. We have seen many people go through the disease of addiction, including the founder of out Treatment Center and the only way we see a person ever recovering is to never give up on them. However; being parents and loved ones of people that suffer from this disease, we understand that dealing with the situation of a drug addict is very hard for a family to go through and this is why we are putting our program out there and offering assistance.

The fact is that the youth has a major epidemic blowing up in their face and all those that are affected by their actions. Heroin is plaguing the east coast, very similar to the movie American Gangster. However; this time it is wider spread and being cut with ingredients that kill! This is why we can’t stress enough to not give up on your loved one, but show love from afar, meaning if you are in the north east; the south east isn’t as saturated with Heroin as the north. Where sure you have heard your loved one say, “this place doesn’t work, I am signing myself out”. This isn’t going to work when they are over 1000 miles away because they have nothing else to do, but to comply with what is laid out in front of them and what has been proven to work.

New beginnings Behavioral Health Center of Fort Lauderdale offers something that most people cannot offer, a second chance at life. We would like you to check out our Websites for more information www.newbeginningsbehavioralhealthcenter.comand if you would like more information on addiction you can access our search feature at www.newbeginninghealth.com. The fact remains they and you may need help, so for a free consultation Please Call us and we can help you find the right fit for you Call 954-900-4260.

We would like to provide you with a message from our founder to help you better understand where our experience comes from.

Founder of New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center

      Hi, my name is Irving Port. I’m the founder of New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center. I opened NBBHC in 2013 because of my deep desire to save the lives of people who are suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. Our breakthrough program evolved from my harrowing experience with my grandson’s addiction.

      My grandson has been in 3 inpatient residential facilities, six outpatient programs, and now is currently in his third sober home. While these various programs have offered us substantial hope, that hope quickly faded away with each relapse. The financial waste and emotional turmoil this caused for each member of my family was traumatic.

      I started this program to fill the flaws I found with each other program my grandson attended. We do NOT believe in substituting one drug for another, except during detox for a brief period. When my grandson left these facilities, he was on 3 or 4 drugs prescribed by the facility psychiatrist. He then became dependent on these drugs.

Most importantly, my idea to start NBBHC arose because I wanted to offer people a life-long system of support, not a program that completely cuts off our patients as soon as they’re done with the program. When my grandson departed these facilities, he was left with no support. They took our money, said our grandson was doing great, and sent him out into the world, never to inquire about his well-being again. Here at New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center, we stress the importance of our Aftercare program, which offers proper support services to maintain sobriety. Once you are in our program, you are part of our family forever.


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