Jul 28, 2014
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POLL: Abrahams or Rice for Fourth District Dem Nomination?

Democrats Kevan Abrahams and Kathleen Rice will square off next week in the primaries. Who will win?

POLL: Abrahams or Rice for Fourth District Dem Nomination?

A legislator and a DA, both veteran leaders in Nassau County, are squaring off for the Democratic nomination for in New York's Fourth Congressional District.

Nassau County Legis. Kevan Abrahams, D-Freeport, and Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice will go head-to-head Tuesday during the primaries.

Abrahams was elected to his current office in 2002 and became the Democratic leader in 2011 while focusing his efforts on stabilizing property taxes and healthcare, funding after-school programs, and reducing gun and gang violence.

Rice, elected to be DA in 2005, has run on her record of being tough on DWI, plea-bargaining, gun violence and crime, and corruption.

As they battle it out for the Democratic nomination for Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's seat, the two are working to grab as many votes in favor of their very different professional and political backgrounds.

"I've  spent my entire career as a problem solver," Rice told Newsday. "People want to hear how you'll make their lives better."

"I  have more legislative experience than any other candidate," Abrahams replied in the report. "This is a legislative position, not an executive or prosecutor position."

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