Jul 29, 2014

Patch Question: Holiday Toy Fads

Have you ever been caught in the craze?

Patch Question: Holiday Toy Fads Patch Question: Holiday Toy Fads

We've seen a fair share of toy "manias" over past holiday seasons.

Tickle Me Elmo, released in '96, is one fad that comes to mind. They were nearly impossible to get, and the ones you could get fetched over thousands of dollars at one point. 

And who can forget the Tamagotchi's? Beanie Babies? Pogs? It's hard to believe it, but toys like these once ruled the holiday season.

They even inspired the big screen film Jingle All The Way. Who can forget Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger battling it out for the popular "Turbo-Man" doll?

Which holiday gifts have you waited in line hours for? Do you still own some of the past holiday toys that have fizzled out of style? Tell us in the comments.

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